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As our name indicates, we specialise in Dog Nappies for incontinent dogs & cats.

As well urinary incontinence nappies, we also stock a special design for faecal / bowel / dual incontinence







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Urine-Off "In the home" with Pets

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Urine-Off Overview

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Also - eliminate those urine smells, with professional strength:

" Urine-Off " (as seen on TV)

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for large 500ml bottle, with free postage.

(Normal price £18.45)


  • Both stain remover & deodoriser using enzymes to eliminate the uric acid and salts that cause urine odour
  • Far superior, unlike other products that simply disguise the smell with a stronger fragrance, or "seal in" the urine
  • No hazardous chemicals to remove the odour
  • Safe for pets & 100% biodegradable which means it's safe for the environment
  • Other products dry out the urine salt crystal with alcohol or solvents. These are only short-term solutions and leave the insoluble urine salt crystals in place


Please read our testimonials page to see comments from our customers.

This dog nappy is the answer to your dog incontinence issues.



"For anatomical reasons, it is essential that the dog nappy shape & design is different for Male and Female"




Our nappies are custom sized to your Pet, so correct size is guaranteed


Our different designs for male & female are the only way to guarantee success

See our fantastic customer reviews


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Please see our fantastic customer reviews along with photographs of their dogs...for our exclusive custom sized nappies, with different design for male and females

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Understand our products are your solution !


"...I must say, the dog nappy saved my husband's and my sanity"... Jennifer Rossi, Woodford Green, Essex ... read more

"...Thanks so much Jackie. I have to say again, what a wonderful company !"... Linda Phillips, Westbury, Wiltshire more

"...I can't begin to tell you how much difference it has made to us, life is so much easier..." ... Lynda Gribbon, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria ... read more

"...they are brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone with a dog that is incontinent and I'm sure they would be very handy for messy seasons too..." ... Sarah Gleave, Metheringham Heath, Lincolnshire ... read more

"...I think that your customer services are excellent and your nappies are a life saver..." ... Laila Underwood, Newton Abbot, Devon ... read more

"...your dog nappy and liners are amazing..." ... Paula Ireland, Begdale
Cambridgeshire ...
read more

"...they are comfortable, easy to change and easy to keep clean and fresh..." ...Mr and Mrs A Wilson, Preston ,Lancashire ... read more

"...thanks to your wonderful product, she now enjoys an extra lease of life..." ... Chris Searle, Cookham, Maidenhead ... read more

"....the nappy is absolutley brilliant !!! It works perfectly.
Lanzo seems really comfortable and content. I cannot emphasise how this simple idea has changed our lives..." ... Pauline Portch, Greenhithe, Kent ...
read more



See how confident we are that you will be happy...with our dog nappy

Flexible returns policy - this shows how confident we are

"We know how difficult it can be to feel & see feel the dog and cat nappies that are available, so we are more than happy to exchange or refund products if neccessary.

The benefit to you is that you can feel confident that if it isn't what you were expecting then ...."

"you'll get your money back with no quibbles! "



See the features and benefits to you and your dog

Features & benefits for you

  • Only 5 to 10 pence per use ! !
  • 2 superior, innovative & unique designs (for male and females) with adjustable velcro straps and custom sized to your dogs waist size
  • Available to fit all Dogs (XX-Small to X-Large)
  • The outer material is a soft, very durable, robust and very comfortable
  • The inner lining is a robust material with an additional absorbent liner, for female dogs in heat
  • The dog nappy combines absorbency properties, with a comfortable & easily managed Dog Nappy construction
  • They can be washed up to 300 hundred times, so only a few pence if your dog wets
  • They require no inserts for light seasonal flow or minor excitable urination, as each female nappy is lined with a soft fabric for comfort, as well as an absorbent liner for protection from leakage
  • Our female dog nappy design can be also be used for heavy seasonal flow or for more serious cases of urination, simply attach our super-absorbent Pads to the Nappies


Now simply order your dog nappies


All credit cards are accepted, as well as cheque or postal orders.

We have so many customers who return for a 2nd dog nappy order, that we have decided to offer £5 off, if you purchase 2 or more dog nappies together.

You also have total peace of mind with our flexible returns policy ! !




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And to complete your purchase, please select Full flow pads

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence
Please click here for our special design for faecal / bowel / dual incontinence
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(Fully machine washable and can be tumbled dried)

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CENTIMETERS around waist (see photo opposite)
Age, breed and male / female


CENTIMETERS around waist (see photo opposite)
Age, breed and male / female




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Incontinence Products and Advice for Men and Women:

Washable dog nappy (Dog nappies) & pet nappy products ideal for bitches in heat, dog incontinence or excitable urination. Incontinent dog & nappies for dogs help with house training your puppy & toilet training, dog obedience, bed wetting, submissive urination and resultant damaged laminate flooring & carpet smells. Causes of urinary incontinence include cystitis, struvite crystals, bladder stones, separation anxiety, prostate, bladder or urinary tract infection.

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Basic information
Basic information
  • We supply washable dog nappy and pet nappy products in all sizes. Re-usable dog nappies and pet nappies are ideal for your pet or pets as well as other larger animal or animals.
  • Dog incontinence and incontinent dogs commonly called pet wetting, dog wetting or dog weeing is undesirable.
    Wetting in cars, excitable urination in dogs, or excitable wetting in dogs is a very common problem. The actual causes of dog incontinence vary widely and is often referred to as dog urination or urinary Incontinence in Dogs. Ideal for Incontinence in dogs
  • We supply all sizes of pet nappy & dog nappy products that are completely washable and re-usable.
    Other larger animals can also benefit from the use of a dog nappy or animal nappy for dealing with dog incontinence. The term “incontinent dogs” is also known as “pet wetting” or “dog wetting” or even “dog weeing”.
  • This can often occur during transport in cars and excitable urination in dogs occurs especially when visitors arrive.Excitable wetting in dogs is not unusual can cause damage.
  • There are various reasons for dog incontinence and dog urination (sometimes referred to by vets as urinary Incontinence in Dogs). Our products are Dog Nappies, Washable Dog nappy, Dog Incontinence, Incontinent dogs, urine stains, Pet nappy, excitable urination in dogs, bitches in heat, Urinary, getting urine off, nappy for Dog, excitable wetting, dog wetting, pets, Pet wetting, dog urination, house training dogs
  • For Incontinence in dogs
  • A washable dog nappy or pet nappy (available in various sizes) are re-usable. Pet nappies or dog nappies are often used for other types of animals and pets who may suffer from dog incontinence. Vets know the condition under a variety of terms such as dog wetting, dog incontinence, excitable wetting and urinary incontinence in Dogs.
  • The main effects of incontinent dogs and pet wetting, is not a nice problem to deal with. So dog nappies were invented to deal with dog weeing and wetting in cars as well as excitable urination in dogs and dog urination.
  • Excitable urination in dogs or excitable wetting in dogs is a very common problem.
    Dog incontinence causes vary and are known as urinary Incontinence in Dogs / dog urination.
  1. Washable dog nappies and pet nappy products come in all sizes.
  2. Your pet and lots of pets will benefit from re-usable dog nappies.
  3. Eliminate the downside of pet wetting, incontinent dogs and dog incontinence.
  • Supplies of washable dog nappies and pet nappy products in all sizes. Re-usable dog nappy and pet nappies for
    dog incontinence and incontinent dogs, often referred to as dog urination or urinary incontinence in dogs.Training tips, Weeing, in cars, urinary incontinence, cystitis, separation anxiety, struvite crystals, bladder stones, senile dog, urine stained carpet, senility, House training your puppy, wetting the bed during the night, problem puppies.
    Excitable urination in dogs, dog wetting and the actual causes of dog incontinence vary and we can help you !