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Welcome to Specialists for incontinence and puppy training solutions.
As our name indicates, we specialise in Dog Nappies for incontinent dogs and puppy training. This dog nappy is the answer to many of your dog incontinence issues. Dog wetting can be a distressing problem for both yourself and your dog and we aim to provide the solution.
We exclusively supply Dog Nappies in the UK, specialising in dog wetting and puppy training solutions.

These pads provide additional protection for heavy urination / incontinence, as well as protect the nappy against soiling in faecal incontinence situations.

£6.49 per pack

Quantity in pack ranges from 20 to 40, dependent on the size of your pet.

Smaller pets = Smaller Nappies = More pads in a pack.

Larger Pets = Larger nappies = Less pads in a pack.

For your 1st order, we will select the correct size of liner pads to match your nappy & pet.

All pads have a self-adhesive strip for easy attachment to the nappy, as well as a water resistant backing to protect the nappy itself.


Each Size 1 pad is capable of absorbing up to 350 ml of urine & Only £6.49 for 20, so less than 30 pence each.





Quantity in pack ranges from 20 to 40, dependent on the size of your pet..

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(8.60 EURO)


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The additional urine protection pads can be used for Incontinent dogs in Dog Nappies for additional protection over and above excitable urination. Bitches in heat can be benefit if the flow is very heavy. Ideal for major Dog Incontinence preventing urine stains.

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